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BillI am a 1968 graduate of the University of Wisconsin (BBA Marketing). I have been investing in stocks for over 50 years. I began my career in the brokerage business as a retail stockbroker in 1970 with a Kansas City based regional firm. That firm was acquired in 1978 by Kidder, Peabody. This marked a turning point in my career as I moved my business to the institutional (wholesale) side of the firm, selling the firm’s equity research and syndicate products to banks, investment advisors, insurance companies and mutual funds. In 1990 I joined St. Louis based A.G. Edwards as one of their first hires in the development of a fledgling institutional business. Seventeen years later Edwards was sold to Wachovia. The following year, in the depths of the financial crisis, Wachovia was taken over by Wells Fargo. In 2012 I retired from Wells Fargo to manage my own money, try my hand at blogging and enjoying life with my wife of 48 years, my children and grandchildren.

My blog aims to discuss current events, issues that cause significant concern in the market, and offer a sensible counterpoint to the twenty-four/seven media, political and punditry cycle and its continuous barrage of bad news, misinformation and fear mongering. Much of this is noise that scares and confuses individual investors.

My goal is to share with the investor my observations, perspectives and historical context gained during my 42 years in the investment industry and over 50 years as an investor. I do believe that history repeats itself (or at least rhymes) and that this adage holds true for the markets. Most investors do not have the time or inclination to follow the daily ins and outs of the stock market or the economy. I did and continue to follow the both very closely. I hope you find our work to be helpful in your quest for investment returns.

I am available for public speaking engagements.


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  1. Hooshang
    Hooshang March 26, 2014at9:14 pm||Reply

    Thank you for everything

  2. ron soroka
    ron soroka December 22, 2015at2:07 am||Reply

    Very insightful reading!
    ron soroka

  3. Hooshang Mohtashemipour
    Hooshang Mohtashemipour April 9, 2016at1:35 am||Reply

    Hi Bill thanks for your help almost month ago. You did give me a wonderful advice on the phone and you save me again. with regard Hooshang

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